Only quality and perfect service is the biggest guarantee for customers.

Aluminum Precision Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., established in 1981, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on fully automated cold chamber die casting machines and their peripheral equipment, integrating design, research and development, assembly, sales and service. After 35 years of experience and breakthroughs, under the continuous efforts and struggles of all employees, ZITAI's own brand is used to market the world including Germany, the United States, Japan... And so on a total of more than 20 countries, is currently the global market share of Taiwan die casting machine brand.

Aluminum Taiwan Company deeply recognizes that only superior quality and perfect service are the protection of customers, and it is also the driving force for aluminum Taiwan Company to operate in an endless competition. Looking forward to the future, only continuous research and innovative products to meet customer needs is our goal and the mission of Aluminum Station in the industry.

Ningbo Aluminum Taiwan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Aluminum Taiwan. It established a new factory in Ningbo National Development Zone in 2001. It has evolved the experience and technology of Taiwan Aluminum Taiwan for many years. It adheres to its business philosophy, inherits its R & D ideas, introduces advanced technology, bases on customers, puts customers first, and tailors cost-effective fully automatic die-casting equipment for customers. In addition to the die-casting machine market, and for the needs of customers, in 2005, a high-speed precision punching machine department was added. Now the cold chamber die casting machine produces models from 180T to 3000T, and the high-speed precision punching machine produces models from 30T to 360T. The product line is complete. The excellent equipment quality and careful after-sales service are all affirmed and supported by the domestic industry.