Understanding of Servo System

The injection servo system of the die casting machine refers to the closed-loop control of the injection speed and position through the feedback of the servo control system and the hydraulic system during the injection process.

Typical features of the ejection servo system:

<1>. Multi-stage ejection speed control capability

<2>. Equal acceleration ejection speed control ability

<3>. Real-time control ability of ejection speed

<4>. High-response speed-up and speed-down performance

<5>. High repetition accuracy of ejection curve

Introduction of Z2V5 ejection curve analysis function

Analyze values such as pressure, time, velocity, etc. at any position or interval.

Open-loop control (high response control, closed-loop control (steady speed control), open-loop, closed-loop combination control, through the above control methods.
It can realize the application of multi-stage injection speed combination to meet the needs of diversified production processes.

Through the closed-loop command and open-loop command in the combined control, the stable performance and rapid speed-up of constant speed and equal acceleration are realized.
High response performance with rapid deceleration, while also achieving consistency between the default curve and the actual ejection curve.

Introduction of Curve Overlap Display Function

This function is applied to display the injection curve in the die-casting production process, which can monitor and analyze whether the die-casting parameters are stable.

Case Description and Advantages of Injection Servo System

Effective pressurization case description
According to the characteristics of the pressurization pressure curve and the plunger head displacement curve, it is possible to determine whether it is effective pressurization.
When the volume is appropriate, the boost pressure is normally established and stable, it can be determined as effective boost.

Spray mold case description
According to the boost pressure curve and plunger head displacement curve characteristics. To determine whether there is die-casting aluminum spray phenomenon, when the plunger head
When the displacement is too large and there is slow pressurization or pressure loss, it can be determined as aluminum spraying/p>

Case Description of Interference between Plunger Head and Material Pipe
According to the characteristics of the ejection velocity curve, it is possible to determine whether there is a plunger head interference phenomenon.

Case Description of Excessive Filling Damping in Die Casting
According to the injection pressure curve and the injection speed curve, it is possible to determine whether there is excessive filling damping.

Comparison of advantages of castings
Effectively reduce the casting flash, slow down the impact of the mold, improve the accuracy of casting dimensions.

Comparison of Servo System Performance