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ZDC-2500T cold chamber die casting machine

○ clamping force: 2500Ton ○ Thickness of clamping die: 800~1800mm ○ Column size: 1550x1550mm ○ Maximum actual shot weight: 37.6kg ○ Maximum casting area: 4572~3357cm2

keyword:ZDC Standard Machine Series

Product Details

  Major Projects Unit ZDC-2500T
clamping part clamping force ton 2500
Template appearance mm 2200 x 2350
Column internal dimensions mm 1550 x 1550
clamping die thickness mm 800~1800
Mold opening stroke mm 1500
Diameter of guide post mm Ø300
Bet out part Extrusion force ton 70
Betting out itinerary mm 320
neutron part neutron solenoid valve PT 3/4" x 8(sets)
Oil outlet PT 3/4" x 16(sets)
Electrical part Motor power KW Pump1 60.5
Pump2 60.5
Power supply voltage V 380 (50HZ)
Power supply capacity KVA 259
Eject part Eject force ton 150
Injection rod stroke mm 1200
Protruding length of ejection rod mm 600
Plunger diameter mm Ø130 Ø140 Ø150 Ø160
ejection unit pressure Kgf/cm2 828~1128 714~973 622~847 547~745
Casting area cm2 3019~2216 3501~2570 4019~2950 4572~3357
Actual shot weight Kg 24.8 28.8 33.1 37.6
Oil pressure part Switching die and extrusion pressure Kgf/cm2 180
Circulating Actuating Fluid Quantity Ltr 2300
Mechanical Relations Mechanical dimensions (BxWxH) mm 14875x5974x5433
Mechanical weight ton 185

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