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Robot automatic sprayer


keyword:ZDC Standard Machine Series

Product Details

Model FRS-180A
Applicable die casting machine 900T~2500T
Matching robot R-2000i
Grab aluminum material weight (Kg) 10~30(Max)
Diameter of clamping plunger (mm) 170(Max)
Maximum rotation radius of robot R3000


Robot automatic sprayer, can choose nozzle: steel pipe type and spray head type.
1. steel pipe type: release agent pressure (Mpa):0.5-2.0kg, steel pipe diameter: 7, blowing pressure can be selected in three sections <3,5,7kg>, and water quantity can be set in 4 sections
2. Spray head: release agent pressure (Mpa):1.0-2.0kg, copper pipe diameter: 5, blowing pressure is fixed mode, water volume can be manually adjusted and not adjusted

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