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ZDR-420T cold chamber die casting machine (special type for rotor)

○ Clamp force: 420Ton ○ Clamp die thickness: 300-700mm ○ Column inner dimension: 650x650mm ○ Maximum actual shot weight: 4.0kgf ○ Maximum casting area: 1590~513cm2 ○ Required horsepower: 40KVA

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Product Details

ZDC-420TPSA Major Projects Unit Specifications
Clatch part clamping force ton 420
Template appearance mm 980 x 980
Column internal dimensions mm 650 x 650
clamping die thickness mm 300 ~ 700
Mold opening stroke mm 500
Diameter of guide post mm Ø125
Modulus adjustment speed mm/min 104(50HZ)
Bet out part Extrusion force ton 23.5
Betting out itinerary mm 120
neutron part neutron solenoid valve PT 3/8" x 2(sets)
Oil outlet PT 1/2" x 4 (sets)
Electrical parts Motor capacity voltage KW 22.5 for pump
0.75 for mold adjustment
Power V 220/380/415 (50/60HZ)
Power supply capacity KVA 40
Shoot part Eject force ton 13.2~43
Maximum rate of fire (*) M/Sec 4.5(*8.0)
Injection rod stroke mm 515
Protruding length of ejection rod mm 195
Plunger diameter mm Minimum
ejection unit pressure Kgf/cm2 470~1525 345~1120 264~855
Casting area cm2 894~275 1217~375 1590~513
Actual shot weight Kgf 2.3 3.1 4.0
Cooling water part Cooling water inlet and outlet PT 1-1/2"
Cooling water for mold (inlet, outlet) PT 1-1/4 "x 1 (entrance)
2 "x 1 (outlet)
Number of mold cooling water valves PC 7 (entrance)
8 (export)
Mold cooling water quantity Ltr/min 50~60
Oil pressure part Switch die; extrusion pressure Kgf/cm2 160
Maximum injection boost pressure Kgf/cm2 225~325
Circulating Actuating Fluid Quantity Ltr 450
Cooling water quantity Ltr/min 45~50 (water temperature 25oC)
Mechanical Relations Mechanical dimensions
mm 5800x2100x3000
Mechanical weight ton 13

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